Wednesday, June 6, 2012

IN MEMORIAM Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury:  August 22, 1920  to  June 5, 2012

We shall not see his like again.


The Martian Chronicles

Fahrenheit 451

Dandelion Wine

The Illustrated Man

Some Short Stories

"The Fog Horn"

"There Will Come Soft Rains"

"A Sound of Thunder"

"All Summer in a Day"


"The Pedestrian"

"The Crowd"

"The Playground"

"The Veldt"

"The Murderer"

    Poet nightingale .  .  .
Will I hear your later verses
     In the vale of death?
                   -- Anon --


  1. I've just finished reading Bradbury's obit in The New York Times - it was a very good one. I'm not as familiar with Bradbury's work as I should be, but familiar enough to mourn the loss of this great talent.

    I have Bradbury's book on writing and always remember his admonition that 'all writers should read poetry.'

  2. Yvette,

    He was one of the great US short story writers. I grew up reading his stories. I suspect he and Ted Sturgeon, another one of the greats, had a strong and unrecognized influence on me.