Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Favorite mystery novels read in 2015

The following is a list of my favorite mystery novels that I read in 2015.  All but one of the authors were already on my search list and these most recent reads kept them there.  There are others on my search list, of course, but I either didn't have time to read one by them last year or found that, while they were interesting enough to keep the author on my list for another read, they didn't make the top ten list.  I added several authors to my search list this year, but only one was intriguing enough to make this list.

Barbara Nadel                  Body Count
Police procedural set in contemporary Turkey

Michael Stanley               A Death in the Family
Police procedural set in contemporary Botswana

Steven Saylor                   Wrath of the Furies
PI series set in first century BC Rome

Peter Robinson                 In the Dark Places
                                          Children of the Revolution
Police procedural set in contemporary England

Eliot Pattison                    Soul of the Fire
ex-Chinese police officer solves crimes in contemporary Tibet

Karin Fossum                  The Drowned Boy   
                                  The Murder of Harriet Krohn
Police procedural set in contemporary Norway

Henning Mankell             The Troubled Man
Police procedural set in contemporary Sweden

P. D. James                       Reread all of her novels
Police procedural set in contemporary England

C. J. Sansom                    Lamentation
Talented Amateur
A lawyer solves crimes in England during the reign of Henry VIII

Charles Todd                   A Fine Summer's Day
 Police procedural set in post WWI England

The following is an author that I added to my search list in 2015.

Ben Winters                    The Last Policeman
Police procedural set in contemporary New Hampshire set against the background of an impending catasrophe:  a meteor is going to hit the Earth in about six months. It's the first book in a trilogy.


  1. And just like that, Fred, you've add to my reading list for 2016; note that I've announced a shift to this genre at Beyond Eastrod.

    1. R.T.,

      Yes, I noticed. Which authors did you add to your reading list?

      Enjoy. . .

    2. Fred, I've added all for later but now will downshift to low gear on blogging and reading for a while. I need a break.

    3. R.T.,

      Some really good stories there. A break is always good for restoring the soul.