Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Minute Meditation


There's a gleam of green in an old bottle,
There's a stir of red in the quiet stove,
There's a feeling of snow in the dusk outside--
What about a cup of wine inside?
                             -- Po Chu-yi --
from The Jade Mountain
trans.  Witter Bynner

Don't know about you, but it works for me.


  1. Replies
    1. Mudpuddle,

      I don't understand. Getting what?

    2. oh. i changed the plugs and adjusted the valves on the computer and it developed hiccups, so i didn't know if the communications part was working or not; i had sent a couple of comments and had grounds for thinking they weren't getting to you, so hence the query... very nice poem; seasonal and apropos; our vine maples are rioting with color this year: anticipating a tough winter, i hope not...

    3. Mudpuddle,

      OK, yes, you're coming through fine. Sometimes I get busy and take a while to publish or respond. Sorry about that. I now find that getting on the computer late at night causes problems trying to fall asleep, so I don't get on during the evenings much any more.

      I thought it was a nice pairing of signs of winter and a friendly invitation.

    4. hmm... maybe that's why i have trouble some times... but it would be hard to give it up at that time; it keeps me away from the tv...

    5. Mudpuddle,

      I have a TV set, but it's not set up for TV reception, but only for DVD viewing. I don't have cable or an antenna, so I'm not tempted.

      That thing is addictive.

    6. you're sure right about that... we cut off commercial tv some years ago... but we get netflix movies, which is probably just as bad; except not having commercials is a whole lot better... the frailties of being human...

    7. Mudpuddle,

      I view DVDs which I get from Netflix and the public library. I'm not set up for streaming, and it's best I keep it that way. It would be too dangerous a temptation.

      The glass or two of wine or beer or a liquor and a friend is still the best evening.

    8. i don't drink much; mostly read and watch in the evenings; otherwise, take care of the place and my list of honeydos...

    9. Mudpuddle,

      Don't drink much either, but a beer or wine or a brandy is relaxing while watching something. Doesn't help that much with a book though.

  2. Fred and Mudpuddle, I just finished a book by Simon Winchester -- The Men Who United the States -- and there was a great section on the development of media (from telegraphy to the Internet) with compelling sections about the hypnotic powers of radio and television; since you both seem to eschew the latter, Winchester's views on the topic might interest you.

    As for wine, beer, liquor, and friends, I gave up on three-out-of-four long ago (i.e., like TV, too addictive), and the fourth seems to be short supply these days. So, I find good evenings in stories and novels, and my renewed passion -- before I run out of time for indulging my passion -- is Flannery O'Connor. She too can be an addiction. Perhaps that has something to do with her favorite character type: the Christian malgre lui.