Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Malevolent Willows--once again, but briefly

Yesterday, I discovered the following haiku, by Basho of course. It has a Buddhist flavoring, but why the willow?

Yield to the willow
All the loathing, all the desire
Of your heart.
-- Basho --

Does this fit in with my original post on The Malevolent Willows?

the haiku is from Silent Flowers
trans. Nanae Ito


  1. Hmm. In order to make sense of it, I have to read a lot into it, something like learn from the willow, which offers a very thin profile to the world, and receptively bends to this or that wind, etc.

  2. interpolations,

    "Yield" can also mean "to surrender to" or "to give up to." This suggests that one should surrender all one's feelings, good or bad, to the willow.